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Happy birthday BabyAbbieStar by CTROCKS Happy birthday BabyAbbieStar by CTROCKS
((Sorry if all this is TOO long))
Short intro

Happy Birthday :iconbabyabbiestar: :iconcakeplz: :iconpresentplz: :party: :iconmariolaplz: :iconluigilaplz:

I wish you a happy birthday! :) I try to see if I can sum up your gallery into a birthday drawing :happybounce:

((This might be the last birthday gift I make for now :meow: ))

I am a huge sucker for family stuff and group stuff :giggle: 

Sorry if its cut out a bit I drew this on my sketch book... If I fill it up with drawings I might get a smaller sketch book so it would be easy to scan.
Story of drawing

This drawing also has like a little story...  Wolfie Mario was curious about what flavor is the birthday cake and Abbie is here describing the cake. Alexander (The little kitty) was left on the table once  May Belle (The little girl behind the blue present) saw Abbie's presents... Alexander sees the delicious piece of bacon and he is planning to eat it x3.  Dark Abbie felt left out cause it was only Abbie's party so Mr.M is cheering her up by giving her a present. "From Me to you" He said. Meanwhile Across the room Luigi was in charge of watching the kids... Dylan opened his Nintendo and played Super Luigi  (Its gonna happen some day :XD:) Luigi was so fascinated he put Baby Luis down next to him. Luis got bored in the spot he was in so he went to see the presents and now he is playing with a Pucca plushie... When all this was happening Mr.L and his daughter Phoenix were walking in to get some bacon... "Bring on the Bacon :dummy: " Said Mr.L. When he was walking he notice that there is a purple stain on his shirt... "Purple Friday sure came early this week". said Phoenix. Mr.L realizes that the purple stain was from a paintball game he went to earlier. And now you know the story... basically everyone is doing there own thing :aww: ((Its been years since I wrote a story :XD: ))
My childhood of Pucca xDD

I remember when I was little I used to watch Pucca in one of my ex aunt's house in Peru...
My ex aunt bought me a Pucca and Garu plushies, and a Pucca piggybank(I don't have the piggybank anymore). I watched the Spanish version of it and my favorite character was Ching... I watched it while eating Spaghetti in the bedroom :dummy: My favorite episode was The usual Ching (I had to search this up cause the Spanish name was quite different then I last remember).I loved when Ching got all evil like that fiery evil laugh ... well of coarse at the end she just had an evil sock attached to her clothes, it was taken out, and she turns good >W<. You can actually watch the episode on Youtube if you like x3... Well... I guess that was phase or something cause once I got back to the US...It was just meh... but then I saw the English voices and to be honest I love the Spanish voices ALOT more than the English version... but I always see that episode in my head :XD: Reason why I said ex aunt is because once my uncle (her husband) die from smoking...she had a fight with my grandma and my aunt was COMPLETELY sunned and kicked out of the family.... Who knows what she can be doing as the moment we speak... That pass is in the pass... only remember the good memories ^^;  

Well.... anywho....I hope you like it :)
Belongs To Credits:

Abbie,Dark Abbie, Wolfie Mario, new design for Mr.M,Baby Luis, May Belle,Dylan,Alexander,Phoenix, and Purple Friday belongs to :iconbabyabbiestar:
Pucca belong to: 
Vooz Character System (I am not really sure to who it belongs to I watched this when I was little xD)
Mario,Mr.L,Luigi belongs to Nintendo
Mr.M belongs to us :dummy: 
Art belongs to :iconctrocks: me xD
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November 11, 2014
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